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Journal #1: Logos

Posted on: September 11, 2010

Courtney Banko


English 111

13 Sep 2010

Journal 1


Logos are an important part of the consumer world. Sometimes when we see logos we remember them because it catches our attention. Companies want their logos to speak to the consumers and many do. Some consumers are loyal to their favorite company so anything with that logo will catch their attention. The three logos above are: Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, and Honda.

The Mitsubishi logo is simple, made of three red diamond shapes meeting at the center to create an overall triangular shape. The logo seems aerodynamic, and if you were to look at the Mitsubishi models they seem aerodynamic also. That’s what Mitsubishi does to appeal to consumers. It’s a “cool” name, “cool” logo, and “cool” looking vehicles.  If the consumers like the logo then obviously they will look at the cars. If they like the cars then the logo will always catch the eyes of consumers.

The Chevrolet logo is a gold cross shape with a chrome outline. The left and right ends of the cross are cut at opposite angles giving it a nonsymmetrical look with a vertical line through the center dividing the light reflecting off the gold which makes it look three-dimensional. The logo sends a message of “tough”. Looking at the vehicles that Chevrolet makes you can see where the “tough” image is presented. Chevrolet uses the logo to get consumers to see the “tough” factor of their vehicles.

The Honda logo is a curvy “H”, that is not horizontally symmetrical, incased in a rounded trapezoid. The whole logo is a chrome color with light reflecting. The logo implies that Hondas are more rounded, and that is true when you look at newer models of the make. The Honda logo is simple as are the Honda vehicles. Consumers like simplicity when it comes to products.


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