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Journal #2: Reflection of Essay One

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Courtney Banko

Professor Summerour

English 111

October 13, 2010

Journal 2: Essay One Reflection

Feelings on Essay One

The most difficult part of our first essay was developing a thesis. I’m not sure why it is so hard for me to get the hang of writing a thesis. The only thing I can think of is throughout my writing career in school I have always been expected to write a simple thesis that states the three main points of the writing piece. I have become so comfortable with this that it’s hard for me to change. I am slowing overcoming my thesis troubles. My final thesis of Essay One was weak, but I am working on my thesis development.

Of all the components in my essay the analysis changed the most. This was probably because every time I thought I had a good analysis it resulted in not being good. The final analysis of my essay was weak and I know that I could have added more information. As for when during the writing process this changed happened; it happened throughout the entire process of writing the essay.

The most surprising thing about going through this assignment is how much you can write about a simple advertisement. My ad was very simple, and I would have never thought that I could write an entire essay about it. I think that future essays will not get any easier so I need to work harder to improve my writing skills. Also, since I have had to look at details while I wrote Essay One I have come to be a little more observant that what I was before.

I chose a picture/art piece to illustrate my feelings while writing Essay One because I thought that many students would choose a music video. The picture that I chose really depicts how my essay came to life and how I felt. At first I was clueless as to how I was going to write an approximately three page essay on a simple, one-page advertisement. When I first started I felt like my thoughts were a jumbled mess. Information and details weren’t in order at the beginning but as time went on it all started to come together and I could see the big picture. In the picture the cell phone is a mix of pieces at the top (words/letters) and as you look down it begins to come together and you can see that it is a cell phone. That was how I felt during the composition of Essay One.

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