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Courtney Banko

Professor Summerour

English 111

25 Aug 2010

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Writing is by far one of my least favorite things to do. I enjoy learning how to compose essays, but if I had the choice I would not write. Saying that to an English teacher usually does not go well, but in saying that, I do write when I am told to or when there is an assignment. Besides the writing part, I enjoy English classes and tend to do well. I have been taught many different ways to write. Each teacher seems to have their own way of teaching students to write which is understandable. Many times we do not think about our writing style or experiences with writing. It is not something that comes to mind very often, especially think about what type of

In grade eight, I was assigned an essay about living in America and how life is not as bad as in other areas. I put thought and feeling into the essay. I completed the assignment and submitted it to the teacher thinking that I would get an average grade. In the end, I won a local essay contest. My essay went to a regional contest, but did not make it. To me, it was not a big deal. All I wanted was a good grade.

Writing the essay about living in America was not as difficult as other essays I have written. I just wrote how I felt about the country I was born and raised in. I really do believe that Americans do not understand how fortunate we are to be in the country we are in, and I expressed that in that essay. At the time, it was good enough, but now I think if I had to rewrite it I would do better as a junior in high school than I did as an eighth grader. 

I have been asked to write short stories, lab reports and everything in between. Short stories were fun in elementary school because I could use creativity, but that was short lived. Progressing through the higher grades, writing tasks got less exciting. Now, I have a mix of writing assignments between my high school and college classes. Most of them tend to require less creativity and higher thinking and analyzing.

In lower grade levels I did well with writing. For the most part, I got by with what I wrote. As I progressed through school and eventually began taking college courses, I realized that my former teachers were not hard enough on me about my writing; I wish they would have been more critical because that would help me with what I have to write for my college classes now. Writing short stories in third grade was fun and essays in high school are not as hard as others. In college on the other hand, I have to improve my writing because it is not enough to earn the grades that I desire.

I hope to become a better writer. I want to learn skills to help me with writing especially for my college classes. At the end of this English class (English 111), I want to be a better writer than I am right now. I know there are many things that I need to work on and I am willing to learn. I want to be able to compose an essay the proper way without having to worry that the final draft is not composed well enough. Former teachers have always mentioned the MLA format, but never enforced it well. I want to not only write a well thought-out essay, but also write it in the correct format.


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